Sue for Adultery Singapore

When you sue for adultery Singapore, the first question that arise will almost certainly be how do you prove adultery?

Sue for adultery Singapore- what to prove?

A married person commits adultery by voluntarily having sexual intercourse with anyone other than his/ her spouse.

There are at least 4 ways to prove adultery.

Firstly, you may prove adultery by way of confession. The Defendant (your spouse who committed adultery) may confess to the commission of adultery.

In the absence of confession by your spouse, you can use direct evidence of commission of adultery. For instance, a witness who saw the commission of adultery can testify to it. However, even if you were to hire a private investigator, it is unlikely for the private investigator to personally witness the act of sexual intercourse.

Without direct evidence, you may turn to indirect evidence. For instance, the Court may find that your spouse had committed adultery if he/ she is shown to be inclined to commit adultery (especially with a certain individual). Do you have any evidence of your spouse holding hands or hugging with another individual? Were there instances when they were alone and had the opportunity to commit adultery?

Finally, if your spouse had given birth to a child which is not yours, there is good indirect evidence of the commission of adultery. Scientific tests (such as DNA tests) will of course be helpful.

Sue for adultery Singapore- why?

Assuming that you have sufficient evidence to sue for adultery Singapore, the next question would be – is there a need to do so? What do you hope to achieve when you sue for adultery Singapore?

Adultery is a fact (if proven) to support the ground of divorce– that the marriage has irretrievably broken down. When you sue for adultery Singapore, and you successfully prove adultery, you get a divorce. In most cases, you do not get a higher percentage of the matrimonial assets or the custody of your children because of adultery.

As such, for most of my clients who sue for adultery Singapore, they do so as a matter of principles, rather than practical reasons.

Final point to note if you decide to sue for adultery Singapore: You should not be cohabiting with your spouse for a period(s) of 6 months or more after you get to know the commission of adultery by your spouse. Otherwise, you may not be able to use adultery as a fact to support the ground of divorce.

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