Divorce Process in Singapore

The divorce process in Singapore is relatively straightforward for couples who have discussed and agreed on all issues concerning the divorce. This is what we call an uncontested divorce Singapore.

An uncontested divorce Singapore takes 4 months to complete. You and your spouse should agree on the following:

  1. The reason for divorce. Separation? Adultery? Unreasonable behaviour? Desertion? Most couples in Singapore opt for the reason of unreasonable behaviour. This means that one person has to be “at fault”. There is no negative implication for the person who has behaved unreasonably. After all, who will read your divorce papers, other than your lawyers and the judge? If you wish to opt for a “faultless divorce”, you may wish to consider the reason of separation.
  2. You should also decide and agree on all children’s issues, including custody, care and control, and access.
  3. You have to arrive at a figure for child’s maintenance with your spouse.
  4. Will there be any spousal maintenance? Is it going to be a one-time payment or periodic payments spread out over the months/ years ahead?
  5. Last but not least, you should discuss and agree with your spouse on the division of matrimonial assets.


Divorce Process in Singapore- Uncontested Divorce Singapore

The divorce process in Singapore involves just 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Engage us. We will prepare your divorce papers.

Step 2: We will arrange for the signing of your divorce papers. Both you and your spouse are needed.

Step 3: We will submit the signed papers to Court. The Court will grant the divorce.

The uncontested divorce process in Singapore takes just 4 months to complete!


Divorce Process in Singapore- Contested Divorce

It gets more complicated if the divorce process in Singapore is contested. The contested divorce process in Singapore is as follows:

Step 1: Engage us. We will prepare the papers and submit the papers to Court.

Step 2: We will serve the papers on your spouse.

Step 3: Your spouse will engage a lawyer in most cases. We will attend mediation together with your spouse and his lawyer. Most contested divorce cases in Singapore are resolved through the process of mediation. In fact, 70% of contested divorce cases in Singapore are resolved through mediation in 2017! (See: http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/courts-crime/7-out-of-10-divorce-cases-settled-through-mediation-in-2017)

The contested divorce process in Singapore (resolved by mediation) takes between 6 to 9 months to complete.


Assuming that parties are not able to reach a full settlement through the process of mediation, parties have to proceed to Court for a hearing.

In the interim, more documents have to be exchanged. Needless to say, the divorce process in Singapore (resolved through a Court hearing) will be more expensive. The good news is most people do not proceed to Court.

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